10 things I HATE about Christmas!

I’m not a “Bah! Humbug!” old Scrooge or Grinch about Christmas. There are at least 10 things about Christmas that I love, and those who read last week’s blog will know what they are. But there are things that get up my nose, and none more so than the one at the top of the list below. The others are in no particular order, but see how many of them are your pet hates too.
• The Christmas ‘season’ starts far too early! Even before Guy Fawkes has gone up in flames there are Santas and tinsel everywhere. Please wait until December, people!

• Mega-store TV advertisements – from the start of the autumn programme schedule – stoking up the greedy gift wish lists.

• Gift supplements in magazines – in November – with nothing costing under £50.

• Carols playing on a continuous loop in stores, pubs, hotel foyers and escalators from October.

• TV programmes all about the must have toys for your kids this Christmas (stoking up the greedy gift wish lists) creating frenzied demand, short supply, sell-out, disappointed kids and parents feeling like failures (“They had none left.”) or the cat that got the cream (“It was the last one in the shop.”)

• Excessive giving to the point of lavishness, in particular to very small children. Their expectation bar is set at TOO HIGH.

• Endless charity begging letters that keep on coming even when you have sent off or rung in your donation. This country, and many of it’s inhabitants are completely dependent on charity, and Christmas is a good time to remember that and give. But charitable organisations need to adjust their IT systems so that a response stops further, guilt tripping, requests.

• More additions to the Santa myth, such as reindeer food that sparkles and glows on pavements and drives, but kills all the small animals and birds it attracts.

• The ‘Christmas’ jumper, onesie, socks, underpants, tie etc that is supposed to make the wearer and everyone else feel jolly. Ho, ho, ho!

• Have I said it all starts too early? Yes? Well I can’t say it often enough!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone – despite all the above!