10 Things I Love About Christmas

Checking this list, I’ve realised that everything I’ve chosen can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, whether married, divorced, widowed, separated or single. So, in no particular order, as I love them all……..

  • Christmas carols: I love any opportunity to sing and hear them. But I especially love the Ceremony of 9 Lessons and Carols from Kings College Cambridge that is broadcast live on Christmas Eve (with a recording broadcast later.) I remember singing along with them on the car radio, on the way home having just finished work, or driving up north to my family. To me it still feels like that is when Christmas really starts.
    My maternal family’s annual lunchtime get-together on the Sunday before Christmas – now more than 20 of us spanning 3 generations.
  • Choosing gifts for family and friends, often throughout the year and when on holiday.
    Town centre Christmas lights getting brighter as dusk turns to evening and then night-time.
  • Snow, as long as it is the right kind that doesn’t prevent us getting to where we need to be, at any time over the period.
  • Taking out my collection of Christmas decorations, including a small pipe-cleaner figure that is nearly as old as me, and selecting where, how and which of them will be displayed. Sometimes I put up a fake tree, but more often than not these days I will make an abstract ‘tree’ around a plant in a pot, and decorate that, according to my chosen colour theme.
  • Christmas pudding, only ever eaten at Christmas and only ever with custard or brandy sauce.
  • Giving, and/or receiving surprise gifts from unexpected sources. One year, during which I had been banned from driving, I enjoyed surprising all the people who had regularly, and without fuss, given me a lift whenever they could. And I’ll always remember a colleague giving me a surprise because of a single act of kindness many months before.
  • Doing something special for those less fortunate than me, through various charities. I give donations, of course, but also love to give practical help through gifts of food, clothing and, my particular favourite, a shoebox full of gifts targeted at an adult or child of a certain age and gender.
  • I love cooking a celebratory Christmas meal, but I love even more eating one that I haven’t had a hand in preparing! I’m very appreciative and, this year will be enjoying and appreciating my brother and sister-in-law’s hospitality in Sheffield.

I could have done more than 10 but I’ll stop there. Why not make your own list of favourites and think of them as being the things that you are always grateful for, every year.