Am I ready for dating??

A friend of mine, aided and abetted by her two twenty-something daughters, is trying to convince me that I should apply to appear on the Channel 4 TV programme, ‘First Dates.’ “You’re an ideal candidate,” she says. I’m not exactly clear why, or in what way. Actually all I can see is that it would[…]

Skills to cope on your own

We can find ourselves living alone at any stage or age in life. When, years ago, I decided to leave a London flat-share for a large bedsit it wasn’t because I yearned for solitude. No, it was to escape the tyranny of flatmates. I’m talking about people who put me on a rota – for[…]

It’s panto season! Oh yes it is!

I’ve never been involved in a traditional Christmas panto onstage or offstage. No really, I haven’t. But this year, I’m well and truly involved, having been asked, in late June, to direct a production of Snow White. For many people, June might appear to be an early to start to preparations. However, the whole thing[…]