Am I ready for dating??

A friend of mine, aided and abetted by her two twenty-something daughters, is trying to convince me that I should apply to appear on the Channel 4 TV programme, ‘First Dates.’ “You’re an ideal candidate,” she says. I’m not exactly clear why, or in what way. Actually all I can see is that it would[…]

Skills to cope on your own

We can find ourselves living alone at any stage or age in life. When, years ago, I decided to leave a London flat-share for a large bedsit it wasn’t because I yearned for solitude. No, it was to escape the tyranny of flatmates. I’m talking about people who put me on a rota – for[…]

It’s panto season! Oh yes it is!

I’ve never been involved in a traditional Christmas panto onstage or offstage. No really, I haven’t. But this year, I’m well and truly involved, having been asked, in late June, to direct a production of Snow White. For many people, June might appear to be an early to start to preparations. However, the whole thing[…]

The keys to the master bedroom

Last week I hosted my first house-party at my holiday lodge in Cornwall. For the first time ever (drumroll), in a mixed group of married and single people sharing accommodation (trumpets), I slept in the master bedroom, and in a king-sized bed in glorious solitude (applause). As a single person (I’m sure I’ve mentioned this[…]

‘Spinster’ is an emotive word that should be consigned to the bin of history.

Watching one of those TV programmes where someone was finding out about their ancestors, my ears pricked up on hearing the word ‘spinster’. It was quoted as the legal description for an unmarried woman, on a ship’s passenger list in the early 20th century. Even used in that bygone context, I was still jolted to[…]