How to make a sandwich

I was thinking about comfort food this week. I was thinking about the food and dishes I would write about while I was making a sandwich for my lunch. A sandwich! I had never thought of a sandwich as comfort food before. But I noticed how carefully I was selecting and preparing my ingredients, greedily[…]

Home Sweet Home

Some of the most popular stories, because we can all relate to them, are ultimately about ‘home’. For example, Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz trying to get back home to Kansas; ET trying to get back to his home planet; the Starship Enterprise trying to return to earth; Peer Gynt travelling the world only[…]

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day on which I could easily feel sorry for myself. Because it’s one of those annual days of celebration that makes me feel a massive hole in my life. My mum died a few years ago, so I miss her being in my life more acutely on a day on which[…]