No Father Day

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel that Father’s Day is getting a bit OTT? Once it was more low key than Mother’s Day, but it has now become yet another overblown and over-commercialised calendar event. It seems as though those promoting Dad-Day-related wares are not just chasing after Mother’s Day to try[…]

Sleep 2: How to get more

Since writing my blog on the importance of sleep, I have continued to be hounded by information on the subject: articles and comments have appeared on my social media feed and videos have popped up on my You Tube channel. I could not ignore this apparent synchronicity: I was meant to do something. When I[…]

Spring cleaning is so passé

Spring is definitely in the air and it seems impossible to avoid the noise about spring cleaning: from Mrs Hinch’s bestselling book of cleaning tips to a tongue-in-cheek article about the house-proud in this Month’s Cosmopolitan Magazine. But, never fear – I’m about to take the pressure off. Spring cleaning is so passé – it’s[…]

Beautiful, Bonkers Bude

Before I went to stay in Bude, at the top of Cornwall’s north coast, I looked up things to do in the area. Top of the Trip Adviser list of 10 Things to Do In Bude was the Bude Tunnel, described as: “One of Cornwall’s finest attractions – a FREE walk-through, sheltered, perspex wind tunnel[…]

How to make a sandwich

I was thinking about comfort food this week. I was thinking about the food and dishes I would write about while I was making a sandwich for my lunch. A sandwich! I had never thought of a sandwich as comfort food before. But I noticed how carefully I was selecting and preparing my ingredients, greedily[…]

Home Sweet Home

Some of the most popular stories, because we can all relate to them, are ultimately about ‘home’. For example, Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz trying to get back home to Kansas; ET trying to get back to his home planet; the Starship Enterprise trying to return to earth; Peer Gynt travelling the world only[…]