Still blue after Blue Monday? Start being grateful.

Were you suffering from Blue Monday at the start of this week? If yes, I hope you were able to get over it in one day. You may have booked the day off for wallowing in misery and self-pity; celebrated the day by eating ‘blue foods’ (blueberries in everything?); taken part in ‘beat the blues’ activities, offered by canny entertainment and food outlets to drum up custom; or succumbed to putting a deposit on a special ‘beat the blues’ winter holiday package offered by a canny travel firm. Great – if Blue Monday is over now and you woke up on It’s OK Tuesday.

The third Monday in January is so-called ‘blue’ because of a combination of timing and factors likely to affect most, if not all of us, in winter.
• Debt: post-Christmas bills that need paying;
• Bad weather: winter is getting into its stride and it’s freezing cold, windy, icy and there is low sunlight;
• Low motivation: New Year resolutions are a struggle or have been abandoned altogether.

For many people ‘blue’ may not be a one day issue. ‘The blues’ will have started before Monday 21 January and have now spread into their week. I’m guessing that, for them, the causes of Blue Monday, were just the tip of the iceberg of blues that could not be beaten away by self-pity, blueberries, getting drunk, a free pizza or self-indulgence. Those who are miserable because things aren’t going well at home, or at work, or in relationships or with money, or because of not having a home, a job, a partner, will be used to having negative thoughts and feelings constantly on these subjects, that can only make them feel worse and drag them down further. What they need to help to be picked up and standing back firmly on their feet is the positive power of gratitude.

Of course, we all know about being appreciative and giving thanks for what we receive. But what if you could use gratitude for the things you have and love to attract more of that into your life? You will be familiar with sayings such as: ‘you reap what you sow’; ‘what goes around comes around’; ‘you get what you give’; and ‘like attracts like.’ Well, these all relate to the Universal Law of Attraction, which governs all energy (from the formation of the smallest atom to the movement of the planets), including the energy in our thoughts and feelings through which gratitude operates. So, the more negative thoughts and feelings you have the more negativity you will attract, and the more positive thoughts and feelings you have about the great things in your life (however small), the more positive and great things you will attract. Gratitude is magnetic!

When I was first introduced to the power of gratitude via The Magic by Rhonda Byrne, I thought I was in a relatively good place in my life. But I was hooked on its message from the start. I followed the 28 day programme to gradually bring the practice into my everyday life. Each of the 28 days focuses on a different subject area (health, money, relationships, work etc) and/or a gratitude practice. I can honestly say it changed my perspective and my life. I continue to list the things that I am grateful for and give thanks for them every day. And I’m constantly amazed at the extent to which I attract more abundance (real wealth, not just money, in a multitude of forms) into my life.

If you are going through a ‘blue period’ at the moment, for whatever reason, sit down and think of all the good things you have in terms of supportive family, friends or colleagues; or what is or has recently happened to you in your life. Try to turn every negative into a positive. I always list at least 5 gratitude areas at the end or start of each day, concentrating on my feelings about what happened to me. If you want to brainstorm or are short of time, list as many things that you are grateful for in a timed minute. You will get better at identifying the positive things that matter to you, the more you practice.

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